Lawlor Cat Hotel


Below are a number of testimonials we have received from people who think we are the best cat hotel.

“Hi I just want to say a big thank you for looking after Witney and Wallace they came home the happiest they have ever been after we have been on holiday. They were calm, hair lovely and brushed and settled back in very quickly as normally takes a few days. You clearly looked after them well and my Wife Nena was so touched that you read them stories each day so much so my wife starting reading a random letter in the mail about health insurance and they actually starting closing their eyes - you certainly have the magic touch...! we now just need to train the cats to open our letters 😍”
From Richard owner of Wallace and Whitney -
“Congratulations! Very well deserved. I keep recommending you to everyone. You've given me a new lease of life in that I can now go on holiday without feeling sick with worry over leaving my girls behind. Without the comfort of being able to see them via the cctv I don't think I could bear to leave them. I settled once I saw that they had settled. And of course the lovely, kind young man who sat and spent time with them. Your cat hotel is absolutely purrfect!”
From Tina owner of Sapphire and Star -
“Congrats on the award - well deserve”.
From Chrissy, owner of Pedro -
“That's great news. Well done and congratulations”
Katy, Owner Blake -
“Congratulations Archie and your humans!! Mickie and Alfie apawed you!! Xx”
From Tracey owner of Mickie and Alfie -
“Amazing! Well deserved :-) x”
From Emily owner of Poppy -
“Well done, to Lawlor Cat Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel”
From Christine owner of Honey and Treacle -
“Congratulations much deserved!”
From Elizabeth owner of Rocky and Apollo -
“Congratulations! Much deserved”
From Kathryn owner of Tom and Tabitha -
“Happy New Year! Congratulations & well deserved, what a great stat to 2019” xx
From Ellie owner of Maxi and Reggie -
“So pleased for certainly deserve it, you looked after us soo well. 😽😽 Ted & Morris 🐾”
From Jane owner of Ted and Morris -
“Congratulations guys, I know why you have as well, you guys are great, evening when having to deal with the more difficult visitors like my Phoenix xx”
From Lizzy owner of Phoenix -
“Well you absolutely deserve this, we are all thrilled for you. A credit to you and your team. We are so glad we found you. Lenny and Eric ... and the parents xxx”
From Sarah and Tony owners of Lenny and Eric -
“Congratulations, wonderful to know”
From Jennifer owner of Pippa -
“Wow congratulations! Well done you! Honey and her staff.”
From Oceane and Honey -
“Congratulations on your five 🌟 “
From Jackie owner of Alfie and Sparky -
“Wonderful news, congratulations. Well deserved 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 All the best Crockett, Tubbs & Lorraine x”
From Lorraine owner of Crockett and Tubbs -
Awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council