Lawlor Cat Hotel

Terms & Conditions

We do not give credit for early returns you will be charged for the period booked.

Payment in full (100%) is required at the time of booking by credit card on-line via Stripe. If you look above on this email there is a "pay now" button which will automatically take you the payment page or you can pay by bacs to Natwest Sort code 555028, 70073996. You need to pay the full balance within 48 hours of this confirmation otherwise the booking will automatically be cancelled.

Our opening times for check-in/out are as follows and strictly by appointment due to our boarding license:

Monday to Friday 5pm to 7pm

Saturday 10-12

Sunday and bank holidays Closed. When booking you can choose an exact 15 min slot between our opening hours which suits you best. Please be prompt to your chosen time to ensure the smooth running of the hotel. The drive is a single drive and we have cats running free who we need to secure hence the strict time policy. If you need to change your slot you can do on-line or please call to advise us. If you are late it can affect the smooth running of the hotel and potentially jepordise our boarding license so it is essential you are on time.

If you miss your slot you will need to wait for the following opening time and will be charged accordingly.

Lawlor Cat Hotel reserve the right to change the suite originally booked if business so demands. Of course we will try our hardest not to do this but from time to time this may be necessary and naturally we will refund any difference in cost.

If you need to cancel you must give 7 days notice to receive 50% refund. There is an admin fee of £50 applied to all cancellations after the 50% deduction. If no notice is given there will be no refund.

We charge by the day.

We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary. All prices quoted will be at the rate prevailing at time of booking. All prices charged will be at the rate prevailing at time of boarding.


Vaccine card must be shown on arrival as a condition of residence.

CATS must be fully inoculated against Feline Leukaemia, Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus) and Feline Calicivirus and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months.

Your pet is covered by our Pet Insurance whilst in our care up to our policy maximum. This insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Our insurance will only cover veterinary treatment for an illness that has occurred at Lawlor Cat Hotel or that first shows clinical signs within 48 hours of leaving the kennels. Receipts for veterinary treatment must be submitted to us within 14 days of the pets departure. By booking with the Cat Hotel you are agreeing to authorise us to have your cat seen by our vet at our discretion.



All pets details are logged on our Pet Admin software including any special needs, vets details, medication and dietary requirements. Please note that we can administer injections if required and we do not charge extra for administering any kind of medication for your cat.

From time to time there will be photos/filming/social media used at the hotel. If you want your cat excluded you must notify us in writing else we will assume you give your permission.


Everything your cat requires for his/her stay here is provided. We provide bedding, food dishes and toys. You are welcome to bring your own pets bedding or toys and as much as we will try our best to keep them in the condition they came in and not be lost in our large washing system we cannot guarantee that these will be returned at the end of the pets stay. We do recommend you bring and leave something with your scent on as the cats love this. DO BRING YOUR CATS FAVOURITE BRUSH CLEARLY LABELED SO WE CAN GIVE LOTS OF BRUSHES.

Our opening times, payment terms, rates and standard terms and conditions are non-negotiable so please don't ask us to change them. We have over 100's of customers and it's impossible to make exceptions and still deliver our high standards.


If you have booked a treatment you are agreeing that “I confirm that my cat is fit, healthy and fully vaccinated. I have disclosed all relevant medical conditions to Lawlor Cat Hotel . I give my consent for the groomer to carry out the necessary grooming technique required in order for my cat to receive the best possible care. I agree that I shall not hold the groomer responsible for any abrasion, patchiness or hair loss sustained to my cat as a result of my failure to disclose any pre-existing skin condition or as a result of any grooming technique deemed relevant by the groomer. I agree that I shall be liable for any additional charged incurred as a result of my cat harbouring any parasites.

I agree that if I am uncontactable and my cats health gives cause for concern, then I give my consent for Lawlor Cat Hotel to obtain veterinary treatment for which I am fully liable”.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lawlor Cat Hotel :-)

Awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council