Lawlor Cat Hotel

Fish Bar & Restaurant

Menu and Prices

Lawlor Cat Hotel provide all the leading brands cat food – Whiskas, Felix and Iams – both wet and dry which are included in your daily rate. Please specify on the booking form exactly what you like to eat and when. If its not on our menu then ask your human to bring your favourite from home.


£3 each


What my fishmonger doesn’t know about fish just isn’t worth knowing. James from Hutton Road Fisheries in Shenfield is my pal providing me with scrumdiddlyumptious fish. The best in Essex with fish sourced fresh from Billingsgate every morning meaning my guests can enjoy any of the following either in your suite or down at the bar. My human puts it on a special bone china plate for you as well. Ridicolous I know but it makes her happy so go with it.

£10 per 50g except where stated otherwise and does depend on availability on the day (depends on how the fishermen get on catching the little guys – you know how hit or miss that can be!).


£10 per 50g



10g £35.00 | 30g £100.00 | 50g £160.00

Awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council