Lawlor Cat Hotel
Welcome to Lawlor Cat Hotel

Welcome to Lawlor Cat Hotel

The Lawlor Cat Hotel is a modern take on the traditional boarding cattery, where cats get their own human size luxury hotel room and are pampered for the entire length of their stay. To add to their comfort and wellbeing, the fully air-conditioned hotel ensures the perfect temperature no matter what time of the year. We are not a cattery. We are a proper full-on hotel.

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

We offer a unique service allowing cat owners to watch their pets from anywhere in the world via our 24 hour CCTV system which is fitted in each of the hotel rooms (again we are not a cattery – we are a hotel).

Based in Brentwood, Essex, and with easy access to London and the M25 and M11 motorways, we are conveniently located to look after cats from anywhere in South of England . If you’re flying off on holiday or business, our location puts us in easy reach of the London airports.

We offer optional pampering packages at our cat spa and for that extra treat, cats can choose foods from the wide range on our A La Carte menu.

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New to Lawlor Cat Hotel - Reading to the cats by Archie

“When Jane’s friend brought over her 9 month old human I caught her reading her a story and I snuggled myself down with them and had a good listen. It was so relaxing and felt really comforting – I guess that’s why you humans do it for babies and on your holidays. Not something I’ve seen in the animal world and I’ll be honest I didn’t really follow the story (don’t think the human baby did either) but it was really lovely. So I encouraged Jane to try it on our guests as they are on holiday after all and guess what? They loved it too! So now it’s a regular part of our daily routine. A human reading to your cat.”

Awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council

Why choose us?


We offer a number of additional services to make your cats stay purrrrfect.


Our fully air conditioned hotel will ensure your cat will feel comfortable all year round.


Your cat will love being pampered in our dedicated cat spa.


You can monitor your cat 24 hours a day via your unique CCTV access.


Competitively priced, we offer the height of luxury without breaking the bank.


We offer a choice of food catering for the most discerning of palates.

Awarded 5 stars by Brentwood Council